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“Cross Culture Connects is a center for global communication and leadership development with state-of-the-art coaching &training programs that bring practical, real-world approaches to helping companies and individuals grow.“

Santhosh CV
Global Leadership & Communication Coach

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Its designed to provide employees with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to succeed in their current roles and prepare for future roles. 


Our comprehensive coaching will help to improve job performance, increase efficiency, and develop leadership skills. 


We offer customized consulting solutions tailored to your organization's specific needs. we will work with you to develop a program.

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Welcome to Santhosh's Global Leadership & Communication Program

Are you looking to develop a global communication and leadership development strategy plan for your organization? If so, you're in the right place! We are offering a free strategy session to help you identify the best approach and formulate an effective plan. Connect with us to brainstorm values and ideas that will help you achieve your goals. We'll guide you through the process, helping you to develop a comprehensive strategy that puts you on the path to success. Take the next step and apply for your free strategy session today! Let's begin and get you on the path to success.

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"Bridging Borders with Global Leadership & Communication "

Global Leadership & Communication

"To be globally minded, you must be curious and open to new experiences." - Richard Branson

Global communication is essential in today's interconnected world, as it allows people to share information and ideas, build relationships, and develop business opportunities.

Corporate Training Programs

Global Communication  &  Leadership (Team Leader) Program

Global Communication  &  Leadership (Manager) Program

Global Communication  &  Leadership (C-Suit)  Program

Effective Executive Speaking  (Manager) Program

Management & Leadership Program

Preparing  For   Leadership (Beginners)

Voice  Of   Leadership

Virtual  Leadership

Culture Specific Training

Managing Cross -Cultural Team

Cross- Cultural Communication

Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Coaching Program

Global Leadership (Professionals Coaching)

Public Speaking Masterclass

Presentation Skills Mastery

Global Communication & Leadership (Train The Trainer)

Global Communication & Leadership (Master Trainer)

Accent Training

Consulting Program

Leadership Development Master Class

Coaching Approach To Global Communication & Leadership

Organisational Leadership & Communications

Global Communication & Leadership (C-Suite Program)

Developing Your Leadership Profile

Coach Global Mastermind

About Cross Culture Connects

Cross Culture Connects is a center for global communication and leadership development. We specialize in providing executive, mid-level managers, and team leads with state-of-the-art coaching and training programs that bring practical, real-world approaches to helping companies and individuals grow.

We help professionals develop their global leadership skills to make a lasting and tangible impact on how they communicate, present, deliver, and lead global teams. Our training equips professionals to collaborate effectively across cultures, break down language barriers, and develop the leadership competencies needed to thrive in today's global economy. Leveraging our expertise in global communication and leadership, we strive to bridge the gap between cultures and empower leaders in the global community to succeed.

Santhosh CV

Global Leadership & Communication Coach

"Unlock Your Potential: Master the Art of Global Leadership and Take Your Career to the Next Level!"


Discover How Our Customers Love Our Service!

  • My experience working with Santhosh CV as a coach has been absolutely invaluable. He has provided me with invaluable insight into cross-cultural communication and the ability to build strong rapport with global teams. His expertise has helped me to identify and address key issues related to cross-cultural communication, thereby allowing me to become a more effective communicator.

    Punam Kalra

    Life-coach, Therapist and Energy Healer

  • I have been truly fortunate to be coached by Santhosh CV, who has shown me the importance of emotional intelligence when leading on a global platform. His personal connection and calm demeanor have been invaluable in helping me learn how to think rationally and act with composure in any situation. His guidance has been essential in giving me the confidence to take on

     Whatever challenges come my way.

    Dr.Ashit Jalui

    Managing Director - Zodiac Power Rings

  • As a young entrepreneur, I have found it immensely beneficial to connect with people from different backgrounds and cultures since my teenage years. Through this I have gained valuable insights into different cultures and have developed an understanding of how to build rapport with a global audience. Santhosh courses have helped me to apply this knowledge and I am now able to connect with a global audience using the rapport and global mindset formula. 

    Dhan Narula

    Student/Young Entrepreneur - Canada

Dr.Ashit Jalui, Creator of Zodiac Power Rings

Eddy Duarte, Founder, BPH English Club 

Dhan Narula, Student/Young Entrepreneur - Canada

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"Inspiring Global Leadership for Positive Change & Building Bridges for a Brighter Future"

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₹ 4,999/-

Lifetime Access

Global Communication Model         

Cross-Cultural Communication

Presentation Skills Blueprint

Global Etiquette Blueprint

Global Mindset Formula

Accent Power Mastery

Corporate Culture Blueprint

Public Speaking 


Inner Circle Vault

Private Network Access

90 Days Challenge

Gold Membership


Lifetime Access

Everything in Silver

Global Connection Formula

Global Etiquette Mastery

Rapport Building Formula

Voice Modulation Challenge 

Cross-Cultural Leadership Blueprint

 Public Speaking

Story telling Challenge

Presentation Skills Mastery

Hackathon Archives

Private Network Access

90 Days Challenge

Diamond Membership

₹ 49,999/-


Everything in Silver & Gold

Global Leadership Mastery

Global Competency Academy

Expat Communication 

Voice Modulation Challenge 

Language Proficiency Challenge

Foreign Language -Basic Conversation skills 

Communication Leadership Council

Private Network Access


Mentorship Support

Global Leadership Certification

Quantum Membership

Priced at Rs 5 Lacks per year, the 12-month Master Class is the ultimate package for growing your Global Communication and Leadership Coaching Program. Get access to a tailored customer plan, monthly coaching sessions, live retreats, accountability and in-depth support from Santhosh CV and his virtual teams. This is your chance to take your Coaching business to the next level!

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